Self Care Real Talk

Shedding light on our problems can instantly diffuse them!

In the last couple of years, I think we’ve all been better at sharing our struggles and offering guidance to one another. The best thing you can do is open up and be honest about what you’re facing, in my opinion. Fungus grows in the dark and shedding light on our problems can instantly diffuse them.

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How Self-Care Saved Me

I will always carry my grief; it connects me to my son. But I learned to find grace, peace and even joy again by committing to one self-care task at a time. If I could do that after my most devastating loss, I like to think everyone can.

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If something gives you joy, lean into it...
A big thing that I have learned is to try to separate home and work. In the quarantine, we learned to enjoy pursuits of our own, but work and home life were blurrier than ever.  I remember when I was younger, bringing home a big pile of work for the weekend and feeling like I couldn’t make fun plans, but then also procrastinating and not getting much work done, either. Now, I give the proverbial 110% whenever I’m at work, and for the most part, when I’m home, I’m home.
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