Shedding light on our problems can instantly diffuse them!

Shedding light on our problems can instantly diffuse them!

One important way I take care of myself is by drinking inordinate amounts of water. Water fixes so many Ills. I’m forever telling my staff to drink more water. Got a headache? Drink more water. Tired? Drink more water. Nauseous? Drink more water. Bad skin? Drink more water. It really is the best drink.

I know that when I’m not taking good care of myself, I turn into a monster! Catching up with friends is always the fastest way for me to get back to feeling myself. Even if it’s only a five-minute call; a quick catch up can be restorative. When I have more time, an indulgent day filled with multiple cups of tea and a good book is heaven. And nature. Any time I can take a good long walk and breathe in clean air is a good time.

In the last couple of years, I think we’ve all been better at sharing our struggles and offering guidance to one another. The best thing you can do is open up and be honest about what you’re facing, in my opinion. Fungus grows in the dark and shedding light on our problems can instantly diffuse them.

Attitudes are definitely changing but taking care of yourself is still derided through the lens of toxic masculinity. There’s a lot of fragile men who would do much better if they took a nice long bath once in a while!

There are tons of podcasts I listen to that are a lovely way to reflect on other people facing challenges that can often resonate and inspire me. You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes is a great listen. My fiancée, Chelsea, is also a huge influence in how I aspire to take better care of myself and live more presently.

What would I tell my younger self about self-care? Probably, more coffee does not equal more energy 😊

Drew is a British playwright and screenwriter based in New York. He has developed shows with Big Talk, Objective Productions, Headstrong, and Wall 2 Wall media. He is currently developing a pilot script with VAL TV in London.

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