Take a moment to breathe

Take a moment to breathe

Kathryn has found that when she doesn’t practice self-care, she tends to be irritable and not present in the moment, and that for her, self-care is absolutely essential in order for her to be the very best version of herself.

Says Kathryn, “Self-care isn’t expensive – it just takes some discipline and focus.”

But how does someone so busy, who is always taking care of others, find time to take care of herself? She believes it is very important that every person figures out what works best for them and creates an individualized and consistent self-care routine that really resonates with them.

Kathryn tells us that she prioritizes self-care ALWAYS, even when her time is limited, and that having little time is no reason not to do it. When she doesn’t have much time, she still makes sure to pause for five minutes to stretch and take a few deep breaths to ground and center herself.

When she has more time, there’s nothing she enjoys more than open water swimming, yoga, meditation or taking a long walk in the great outdoors (she tries to get outside for a portion of every day). Kathryn has practiced hatha yoga since she was a teenager and follows a mostly plant-based diet.  Her personal trainer advocates for "move, breathe and create" as a daily regimen, which Kathryn follows.

Furthermore, she started training with Garrett McCoy a few months ago, a Pinellas County (Florida) author, coach and naturalist, who recently published:" Move, Breathe, Create- The Habit of Becoming You", and whom she credits with really helping her discover her inner strength.  

When asked what makes her happiest, Kathryn tells us that that she surrounds herself with positive people and has many passion projects which occupy and enrich her life.

Seems to us that Kathryn has her self-care routine perfectly in balance. Bravo, Kathryn!

Kathryn (Baumgartner) Owen is a Nonprofit Manager, Naturalist and Educator

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  • Patrice Baumgartner

    She’s my idol, sister-in-law…want to be
    her when I grow up. She’s a precious, Loving woman. Blessed to have her as my chosen sister.

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